New Carlisle Town Council

124 E. Michigan Street, New Carlisle, Indiana

General Meeting, January 24, 2012


The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.


President Colpitts called the meeting to order with Vice President Higgins, Council Member Gelow, Council Member Carter and Clerk-Treasurer Susan Moffitt present.  Council Member Vojtko was late.  Also in attendance:   Roger Nawrot, Chuck Leone, Pat Cummings, Mary Ann Swope, Ken Davis, Carol Middlebrook, Mary Countryman, Jeff Roseboom, Augie Mauer, Mike Shilts,  Brian Thompson and Jason Quirk.


President Colpitts is implementing a new procedure for public comments.  He asks that anyone who wishes to speak under public comments first sign in at the sheet on the Council table, go to the microphone and begin by stating your name and address. 




Council Member Gelow moved to accept the minutes of the January 3, 2012 General Meeting as written.  Seconded by Vice President Higgins, the motion passed unanimously.


Employee Reports

Jeff Roseboom


·         Reports 3431 department dispatches in 2011 with 411 arrests.  He estimates that 110 of those were drug related.


·         2012 dispatches to date:   220


Chuck Leone


·         Has been closely monitoring bills going through the general assembly and reports that the most controversial involve public access.    He feels that it is important to stay on top of these changes.  


Pat Cummings


·        Is working with Council Member Vojtko and Augie Mauer on preparation of a snow removal plan for the town.   They plan to have a document ready for Council review prior to the next meeting.

New Business


·         Errors and Omissions Insurance for the Building Inspector.




New Carlisle Town Council                                                                                               Page 2

General Meeting – January 24,2012


Vice President Higgins moved to pay the Errors & Omissions Professional Liability Insurance for the Building Inspector.  Seconded by Council Member Vojtko the motion passed unanimously.


·         2012 Fire Agreement


A motion to accept the 2012 Fire Agreement was made by Vice President Higgins and seconded by Council Member Vojtko.   The motion passed unanimously.


President Colpitts asks that in the future all contracts be prepared and ready for Council approval prior to the start of the year in which they become effective.


Ordinances and Resolutions


·         Ordinance #1256 was tabled for further research and preparation.


Council Reports


Council Member Vojtko


·         Recently attended the first Library Board meeting of 2012.  The Library is celebrating their 10th Anniversary in the new building and have many activities planned throughout the year.


·         Attended the first Solid Waste District Meeting this past Monday and reports they will have a very busy year as well.


·         Has been working on development of a snow removal plan with Pat and Augie.

Council Member Carter


·        Presented a Uniform Conflict of Interest Statement to President Colpitts as his wife is employed by, the Town’s insurance agency, Barnhart Insurance.  This will be filed with State Board of Accounts and the St. Joseph County Clerk.

Vice President Higgins


·        Expressed growing concern over the issue with drugs in our community and would like to speak with Chief Jeff Roseboom about these issues.


·        Reports that she will be meeting with both Jeff Roseboom and Ken Davis monthly.


·        The Intergovernmental Meeting is scheduled for 9 AM Friday, January 27th at the Fire Station. 




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General Meeting – January 24,2012


President Colpitts


·         He has chosen to make better communication with the public his goal this year. This would include more information being available via the Town website as well as through notices and the local news paper.


·         He challenges all Council Members to find one project or goal to achieve within their commissions this year.


·         Has prepared a “State of the Town” and will present it at the February 14th meeting as well as have it available on the Town website and in written form in the Clerk’s Office.


Bills to be Paid


Council Member Vojtko moved to pay all bills as presented.  The motion was seconded by Vice President Higgins and passed unanimously.




Upon a motion from Vice President Higgins and second from Council Member Vojtko, the meeting was adjourned at 5:16 PM.







Ronald Colpitts, Council President






Susan I. Moffitt, Clerk-Treasurer