New Carlisle Town Council

124 E. Michigan Street, New Carlisle, Indiana

General Meeting, March 27, 2012


The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.

President Colpitts called the meeting to order with Vice President Higgins, Council Member Gelow, Council Member Vojtko, Council Member Carter and Clerk-Treasurer Sue Moffitt present.  Also in attendance were Roger Nawrot, Chuck Leone, Pat Cummings, Jack Mell, Mary Ann Swope, Tim Kaminski, Mary Countryman, Jill Doll, Jamie Middlebrook, Davey Doll, Jason Quirk,  Carol Middlebrook, Bob Middlebrook, Josh Schweizer, Ken Davis  and  Augie Mauer.  Amy and Benjamin Radcliffe entered the meeting late.



Council Member Vojtko moved to accept the minutes of the March 13, 2012 General Meeting with the following correction to page 4:  add:  to make it easier for constituents to get there by 5 PM.   Council Member Carter seconded the motion which passed unanimously.


Recognition of Visitors


President Colpitts asked that the Council consider a change in the agenda to hold Public Comments  at the agenda point where Recognition of Visitors is currently held.  All Council Members were in agreement that this would be a good change.  Chuck stated that the Council President can set the agenda as long as all members are in agreement.



Public Comments

Mary Ann Swope


·         Commented that  Vice President Higgins has several times stated her opinion that the Town should get out of the cemetery business and asks what her idea is for the cemetery.


Vice President Higgins explained to Mary Ann that she feels that it should be an Olive Twp. cemetery instead of Town as the Town’s tax base pays each year to support the cemetery.  She feels the same about the parks we have in town as these are supported solely by the tax base of the Town.


Mary Ann asked how this could be done.   Chuck explained that it is a trend in a lot of places to allow the tax base to mirror the users.



Benjamin Radcliffe


·         Live at 202 W. Front Street and expressed concern about the brick sidewalk that surrounds their house.  Dana suggested to them that because their house is a Single Site Historic District, they ask that the replacement of this sidewalk be postponed as it is part if this years project to review options for the existing brick sidewalk.

New Carlisle Town Council                                                                                               Page 2

General Meeting – March 27, 2012


Roger recommended to the Council that this section of sidewalk be removed from the Sidewalk Project this year to allow for further research into options for the brick sidewalk at 202 W. Front Street.  The project would go along the church and include the alley apron as well.  Vice President Higgins suggested that the cost difference between brick replacement and concrete could be paid by the homeowners.


President Colpitts asked for a motion to amend the sidewalk project plan


Council Member Vojtko moved to exclude the section of sidewalk at 202 W. Front Street from the 2012 Sidewalk Project for further review.  Seconded by Council Member Gelow the motion passed unanimously.


Employee Reports


Jason Quirk


·         Asked for any opinions on the two replacement lights being considered.


Both Council Member Vojtko and Council Member Carter felt the light at the Kelly Building was the better option while the one at the Old Republic was too bright.


Jason reported that the comments he received were all in favor of the light at the Old Republic.


Vice President Higgins asked which would be the better long term investment and  Jason explained that  both offer a 10 year warranty with efficiency the same as well.  The selection is solely preference in look.  The Council expressed preference for the dimmer light 3-2.


Josh Schweizer

Presented quotes for the new SCBA packs that were discussed at the January Intgovernmental Meeting. 


They went to the two manufacturers that they deal with in the area, Hoosier Fire and 5 Alarm and asked for quotes.  The department then went into an evaluation period by using each type of pack.  Following evaluation, they went to both manufacturers and got a new quote for exactly what they want.  The best quote received was from Hoosier Fire for $120,000. There is some equipment they would like to have in addition to what was quoted and that would bring the total cost to $122,173.


Josh recommends that the Hoosier Fire quote be accepted.


Vice President Higgins moved to accept the quote from Hoosier Fire at a cost of $122,173.00.  Chuck asked about the bidding process that was used for this quote.  It was explained that the Town will be purchasing half of the packs at a cost of$61,086.50 and Olive Township will purchase half of the packs.  Chuck feels that this should be tabled for review of the statute regarding purchasing on a split bid. 


The SCBA pack purchase was tabled for review.

New Carlisle Town Council                                                                                               Page 3

General Meeting – March 27, 2012


Chuck Leone


·         Review of the Marshal’s Department SOP is nearing completion and will be forwarded to Chief Roseboom soon.


Roger Nawrot


·         Requests Council approval for advertisement of the 2012 Sidewalk Project with bids to be opened at the April 24th meeting.


Council Member Vojtko moved to authorize Roger to accept bids for the 2012 Sidewalk Project as well as the West End Project.  The motion was seconded by Vice President Higgins and passed unanimously.

Old Business


·         Disposition of 125 Zigler Street


The Council held a Work Session for discussion of disposition of 125 Zigler Street and requested that Pat obtain quotes for demolition. 


Pat obtained the following quotes for demolition of 125 Zigler Street:


K-Fex                                       $5,640.00

Baily Excavating      $7,900.00


Vice President Higgins feels that demolition allowing for a green space area in this part of town would be good.

President Colpitts questioned whether the park board would be responsible for maintenance and upkeep of this if it were green space.  Pat replied that it would fall under the Parks Department.


Vice President Higgins moved to accept the bid from K-Fex for demolition of the house at 125 Zigler Street.


Council Member Vojtko stated that there was a party interested in purchasing this property who claims that there is lead in the soil.


President Colpitts stated that there is a motion on the table.  Council Member Vojtko seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.


A brief discussion on using the structure for fire department training prior to demolition was held.  Chief Josh Schweizer explained that use of the house would offer valuable training such as forced entry and give them an opportunity to practice with the ladder truck.


New Carlisle Town Council                                                                                               Page 4

General Meeting – March 27, 2012


The next scheduled fire department training is April 16th.  They will work with Pat Cummings to schedule the training prior to demolition.


President Colpitts asked that all neighbors be notified prior to the training.


Council Reports


Council Member Gelow


·         Questioned what would happen if someone were to purchase all of the remaining gravesites at the Cemetery. 

There would be nothing to stop someone from doing this although a Quit Claim Deed would be necessary to transfer each grave as it was sold.


Council Member Carter


·         Is trying to put together an idea for a Taste of New Carlisle that was brought to him by a local businessman.  He would like to use Town Council Promotional Funds for advertising of the event.


Vice President Higgins


·         Recently met with Ken Davis regarding the Emergency Plan that they are working on.


President Colpitts


·         Recently attended the Area Plan meeting and reports nothing pertaining to New Carlisle. Meeting paperwork has been filed with the Clerk’s Office.


Bills to be Paid


Council Member Vojtko moved to pay all bills as presented.  The motion was seconded by Council Member Gelow and passed unanimously.




Upon a motion from Vice President Higgins and second by Council Member Carter, the meeting was adjourned at 6:47 PM.


                                                                        Ronald Colpitts, Town Council President





Susan I. Moffitt, Clerk-Treasurer